This is 'Adventures in Entropy House.' As this is the last one in this series (see here), it seems fitting to name it for the series, particularly given the closing song, which is righteous. The whole damn thing is.

It goes like this:

Little Britches - Capture the Rapture - The Wisdom Tree - Queen of Tears - Frame of Reference - Legerdemain - Cusps - Leading Actors vs Volatile Factors - I Let My Eyes Go Crazy - Face the Dream - Ur-Vogel - Adventures in Entropy House

It doesn't quite have the narrative thread of the previous albums in the series, but it doesn't need it given the context. Maybe I could say it's about the inside of my head at the moment. But isn't that ultimately what all creativity is a representation of, regardless of apparent subject? This is the 7th and final album of the 'adventures in entropy house' series.

The next series will be 'Meeting the Changing Landscape'

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